Monday, August 12, 2013

Injury and slight goal setbacks

We all have things that pop up in life, whether its school, work, stress, relationships, divorce, friends, stuff, whatever it is you try a way to properly deal with this and for me anyway working out is that outlet. But when its an injury of some sort, its very difficult to mask this type of obstacle. Years back I hurt my right shoulder and I was lucky enough to slip and fall weeks back then hurt my left shoulder now. Way to be symmetrical, eh? Anywho, I started physical therapy in efforts to help with this nagging, throbbing pain I been having. Obviously there are items on my routine now I just can't do since it will aggravate the shoulder and neck to no end, so I am looking at new options for the following exercises:

Bench Dips
Bench Press
Rear delt flyes
Seated bent over lat raises

As, much fun as physical therapy is, I still need to do my routine since I know that is what will guide me in the right direction. Building a strong back and chest for these muscles is very important at a time like this, and maybe dropping the above and focus on strength training. Which in itself will probably fix my problem. I haven't decided which new exercises I will do, but when I figure it out and test it out I will sure post this.

I been pretty hard on myself through this whole process, since of course I'm suppose to be this strong person who can overcome anything and lift through anything. But no I can't, when if I do certain exercises and there after the fact I am unable to brush my hair or have any function in my shoulder or left arm. So, things need to be adjusted. In retrospect there were a few things I been completely failing to do though. I haven't been regularly taking measurements. I know, bad me. Last measurements I took were sometime in May? Here's what I have to compare what they are today:

May and August
Weight- 125 135
Chest- 34.5 35.5
Arms- 12 13.5
Hips- 36 35.5
Waist- 27.5 27
Thighs- 19.5 21
Calves- 13 14.5

For most part not off track as much as I thought. But time to refocus what is needed at this point. Though an injury can set you back, you can use it as motivation to be better. Pretty much what I intend to do. Looking for other alternatives to get the job done will help refocusing as well assist with exercise boredom.