Sunday, August 18, 2013

Congrats to Jamie Eason! Its a boy!

Jamie Eason one the many fitness models I follow which created the Live Fit program on, had her baby boy last week. She has been a major influence for me anyway on a lot of levels throughout different life obstacles. Her videos, blogs and post on Facebook if you follow her are always positive and very honest. Which is truly what I like about her. Many times you follow someone you won't even know what they are talking about, but she really brings weight lifting to the masses and provides people with a way to really dive in and do better in their life.

Throughout the course of her pregnancy she posted all her workouts, day to day diet and how she even cheated on her diet. Its refreshing and comforting. I look forward watching her recover from her c-section and her getting back to her pre-pregnant self and what steps she takes to do that. She is also going to be posting a full post pregnancy plan.