Monday, August 26, 2013

Active Rest Days

My goal for each day is to at least lift 5 days a week, 4 days of a split body routine and 1 day of a full body routine. Through the course of living life, working, and everything else, it not an easy task. I get up early before most wake up and lift until I head to work. After work I tend to hang around my horses and the barn crew. My muscles tend never to get any "real" holiday. Lifting hay, bags of grain and everything else that is associated with horses my body takes a beating.

Some of my favorite active rest days are doing what I enjoy to do. Cleaning horse paddocks, stacking hay, nature hikes, running on the beach or taking a swim. Weeks back I decided to do some hiking up north with a friend and had a great weekend walking, and enjoying nature. Its was a great reboot for the body.

Great view from the top of the mountain, it was breathtaking. Was worth the trip up!

Spending time with my ponies at the barn and doing what I do best, cleaning horse $hit