Friday, July 5, 2013

Staying consistent while travelling.

Whether its for personal or business related, it happens traveling can cause a damper into your fitness goals. But preparing before your trip can make the world of difference. For 1- I always try to find a hotel near a gym, and if I can't go with a hotel gym that is at least decent. I have a few different routines that I can pull up, especially if I can't get to weights and I always have some sort of backpack on me, so I have created a small workout with that and use what I have. Secondly and most important, staying at a hotel with a kitchen of some sort so I can prep foods and still fill my Tupperware containers on the go for the day. This last trip unfortunately couldn't get a place with a kitchen, but it had a fridge. When this is the case you still don't fret, you can still eat pretty healthy. There are grocery stores everywhere, including Walmart's, so its not like you can't find food to fill your fridge. This is what I normally buy while on the go and stuck in a hotel that doesn't have a kitchen:

Rotisserie Chickens - they are already cooked and ready to go. I break them apart normally enough for a few meals for me
Baby carrots -- make the perfect side for the chicken, quick, simple and you don't have to cook them.
Cauliflower and broccoli -- another great side for the chicken, which you don't have to cook.
Low fat cheese sticks -- makes a great snack as well as side.
Greek yogurt -- great snack that fills you up.
Almonds -- snack or side.
Trail mix -- great snack.
Salad -- grab some pre mixed salad of whatever greens you like, your favorite non-fat dressing and have a ball. (also can put some chicken on it so you can get your protein in.)

Though it can be tough to eat healthy while traveling there are ways to overcome that. Especially while I am traveling for work, the group normally wants to hit the bar, get some fried food and there the pressure starts. Obviously treat here and there is great. I love my sweet potato fries, and maybe a drink, but eating clean throughout the day helps my energy stay where it needs to and body stay sane.

Eat clean, work out hard and live it up. No matter where you are