Monday, July 22, 2013

Product of my Generation

I wanted to discuss this for a little bit at least. I was born in the 80's, every 80's TV person and model had some sort of exercise tape out there and of course the crazy diets they were advertising. I would watch these stars on the TV, see what they were doing, and obviously want to copy them. Growing up, you learn eat less you will loose weight. That number on the scale becomes the plague and you may even started to skip meals. But really this is what people did in order to loose weight and become so called "healthy".

Over the last 2 decades I really feel a new evolution has changed the way of fitness. New role models proving that just being fit, but healthy in the process, proving that muscle can be sexy. Skinny is out now, fit-healthy is the new way to be. Which would you rather look at, really skinny, no tone or some definition, muscle? It takes time to reprogram your brain in order to think like this. Clean eating for lean muscle, unlike eating less and do more cardio--which was what all those tape would suggest to you. I catch myself once and a while going a little crazy about the scale, especially recently I have gained around 10 lbs in a few months. But I need to remind myself muscle weighs more then fat and with my training which I have upped my weight would go up as well.

I gave up being a cardio bunny, brought out the inner muscle diva in me and pretty much built a new foundation to live by. I am excited for this revolution and proud to be a role model for other young girls, especially my nieces. I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin, feel empowered and know they don't have to that twig on the TV, but they are able to be healthy in their own way by proper diet and exercise. Really none of this was rocket science, the basic bodybuilding a few times a day, lean protein, lots of water, some carbs and exercise to some degree daily.

Bring out the gun show, lift some iron and put on some sexy lean muscle in the end. Your body will be leaner in the long run, you will burn twice as many calories then if you just sat on the cardio machine for an hour..which would you prefer!?