Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prepping for Success

I'm constantly busy, I work a very demanding job. I take care of my horses, I work out and I try to have "some" sort of social life afterwards. In order to fully make sure I succeed at my fitness goals is to prep. Takes a bit to get used to this, but a few hours on a Sunday normally does it and it saves me lots of time during the week. Its not always easy, carrying around a cooler, or cooler bag- but it makes for eating "clean meals" on the go easier. For work trips I normally bag up bags of chicken, so I can nibble on them throughout the day. It makes it convenient, and an easy way to get the protein my body needs. At the end of the day whatever is simple, ready, made from beginning of week, will stick and you will have more or a reason to stay on course with your goals.

Not only is it easier to setup these meals, but it will save you money carrying your food around since you will be less tempted to buy take out or other processed foods.