Monday, July 1, 2013

Monkey see, monkey do

We all get into issues with outside influences. You see your friends or whatever eating the amazingly delicious pizza. Looks great right? Of course your friend doesn't have the same goals as you and of course you want to eat the entire box..but you don't. I know myself I try to still live life and have a happy balance have that 1-2 slices and eat "clean"- non-processed foods rest of the day. Its not always easy though, depending on whom your always around.

I work in a primarily Male dominated field and you could say they will pretty much eat anything, at any given time. I hear it from time to time from them about my eating habits, as I carry into work my 4-6 Tupperware containers, yogurts and other protein snacks. I am never one to criticize though, unless they are attacking me of course, most people don't understand this lifestyle and not for everyone which I totally get. So, if this is something you truly want to do, own it, be proud. Carry those coolers to sports games, after work events, whatever--with your daily food. After a while your friends will notice, "WOW, they look great..maybe they aren't as crazy as I thought."

Go ahead and eat your favorite cookies or whatever, but don't go nuts and don't be crutched into peer pressure since it is sure is a bitch. Consistency year round can help everything, especially during those months such as holidays were you do tend to eat more.