Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mistakes we women folk do in order to get "fit"

10 mistakes made by women who want to get "fit":

1. Live off yogurt and apples--LADIES eat for christ sake!! Eat every 2 hours, protein protein protein!!

2. Lift high reps, low weights--Up the dam weight

3. Do more cardio than weights--drop the cardio for 1 month and build build that sexy muscle...

4. Overestimate their muscle size--You be surprised what kind of muscle you have once you get started..take Measurements!! So you can see your progress.

5. Underestimate how much fat to get rid off before you see the muscles

6. Diet to get shredded too soon without having any muscle to reveal--Bulk up so you have something to SHRED!!

7. Have no patience and get bored after a few weeks--It takes time to grow muscle, nothing happens over night.

8. Worrying about becoming too bulky from training hard--Your not a dude you will not get DUDE like Muscles!

9. occupying themselves with looking cute so they cannot even break a sweat in case a hunk shows up.

10. Scared to scare away the "men" by getting buff.Real men think muscle is sexy. Muscle also looks sexier then fat and sits better on the body..