Monday, July 1, 2013

Items to keep in mind

No matter what you want to do,loose weight, gain muscle, whatever the case there are points that everyone has to come to terms with. For one, stop obsessing about other peoples bodies you want. You know how those people got there? Work. I am guilty of this myself, but every body is different obviously, so that lovely model your staring is most likely not sharing the same body type anyway. Get real with your goals, get your body at your perfect self, not what you see in a magazine. Because trust me, I have done shoots, and what you see that day, is not how my stomach looks 100% of the year. You prep for weeks, you avoid certain foods, fantastic lighting, all of that. its fine to admire, but don't over do it.

Understand your weaknesses and strengths. If you can't lift X weight at first, start lower. You will progressively get better. Work on your own improvement, building a foundation takes time. We all get upset we don't see results right away, but know that you are working on each brick which will be a huge key to the puzzle later on.
As you start to tone up, build more muscle, and shed, you feel better about yourself. Obviously this will happen, your fitting into clothes better, and all that jazz.

Don't doubt yourself, have the confidence in yourself you can do it. At the end of the day, who cares what other people think? Walk around like your kings shit and get your work out and anything else you need to get done.

Obviously you want to make fitness a HUGE priority in your life, but really don't make it your only priority. There are other things in life which should come first. Just know fitness is just a "piece" of your life.

Get some rest. You know you heard this, you need SLEEP, lots of beauty sleep get this sexy right? Yup, that is right. In order to fully recover from lifting, or whatever fitness activity you need to sleep. Make the effort, it does make a huge difference

One of the biggest items I would say, celebrate all small successes. Doesn't matter how small they are, you loose half an inch off of whatever, or gained an inch in muscle wherever, feel good about it, why not? You earned it.

Being consistent. If your not on the game full time, you will not make your goal. First few weeks of starting anything is tough, takes 3 weeks to fully make something routine in the human brain, so give it a month. At that rate, you will notice the results and keep going. Many people don't get that far though, since they aren't patient.

Forgive yourself. Why? Just because you eat that piece of cheese cake or miss 1 gym day makes you a bad person thats why. We all make mistakes, just don't wallow in them. Notice what you did, and move on.

Lastly the biggest fitness key to success is your friends. Try to hang out with friends that are into what your doing, so you stay successful. Many times during this process I have found I had friends ask to join in my quest and show them, which is pretty awesome. I am greatful myself for a good friend assisting with my journey and I am always happy to show any friends how I got the way I did, since really there is no secret. At the end of the day you do need support and friends as much as a pain they can be, some smack talk at the gym or even at lunch can do you good.

So get your smack talk, sexy self to the gym and walk out of there feeling like a limping super hero. You owe it to yourself!