Friday, July 19, 2013

I bloody hate the scale

You hear it everywhere, people comparing numbers they get from the scale. But really does it matter? NOPE. Throw that thing away since it bug the living crap out of you. One scale will show you weight 120 another 125 and the day after 130, its enough to make anyone go mad.

Take measurements, every few weeks to see your progress. You can be the same weight weeks or even months later. Fat has turned into muscle and obviously its denser then fat and fits better on a body frame. You could be 140 pounds and have 20% body fat, which would be 28 pounds of fat. Fantastic fit range for most women Or, you could be 130 pounds and 30% body fat, which is 39 pounds of fat. Which would you choose? Regardless, I rather stick with the less crazy approach, take your measurement THROW out my scale. Unfortunately all doctors still use scales on a way to gauge your health status. I have this argument with them all the time..I request a body fat analysis normally since my weight on the chart with my small 5'2 stature, shows that I am obese. Which clearly I am not, most people don't even think I weigh as much as I do.

Focus on what you want in life. Its easier then you think and with that focus taken away, DITCH the scale for once and for all!

Consider switching it up though to lower your fat levels, add in new workouts, perform at least 2-3 days of high intensity interval training or some sort (something fun works!), eat lean proteins,drink lots of water, get your sleep and be kind to yourself.