Thursday, July 25, 2013

Down but not out

Over the last week or so sorta been a funky mood. Been glad at least I have my crazy work outs to fall back, barn time and friends. During stressful situations, I have tried to learn to control my eating habits in moderation without going overboard. Girl has to live ya know right? Through depressing times, pretty much the same. Stay busy, focus on my goal or even heightened the goal at hand.

Going to finish off Clutch next week and go back to muscle building, with 1-2 days full body, with at least 4 days of cardio to have a happy balance. Keeps me sane in the difficult times anyway. New goal by September to be ready for my next shoot, more ripped then I was prior, and better definition in my legs. I am going to push. I been sore some days, but I try to just tweak workouts in order to get through them, since really excuses can set you back and there is no reason not to continue on my path. With my head focused, my eating in check, my body will become the machine I need it to be. Eating a billion times a day, working out daily for a few hours, catching up with friends and of course hanging out at the barn with my horses.

So thats pretty much it, my plan is to beast through it, stop the bitching and just be real. Thats all you can be sometimes.