Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clutch : End of week 2

I thoroughly have enjoyed these workouts, I have leaned out quite a bit already. My pants are pretty much hanging more then they normally are and I'm sore, tired as well out of breath entire time during this workout. Also, I must say much of this workout program you don't need to do 100% at the gym, or even with limited equipment. Its perfect for being on the road I feel anyway. Gets the job done quick and then your own your way covered in sweat. I felt again pretty much in beast mode rocking the different work outs, and exploring the new exercises. I will definitely keep some of these in mind when creating a new program later on. The best part is looking over at some dude next to me and showing them off. Yup--totally badass I must say, I lift more, do crazy routines and take it to the next limit. What can I say, I feel pretty super hero like during the whole process.