Friday, July 19, 2013

Clutch days 2-7

As I come to the end of the first portion of Clutch, I will say looking at the routine on paper I thought it be pretty easy--ITS NOT! Its harder then it looks. Lots of reps, short breaks in between, stretching, HITS cardio and doing it all over again until you drop doing core exercises. I felt like a beast doing the clean and presses in the middle of the gym as well as the overhead throw with the medicine ball. I pretty much got everyone attentions since there was a LARGE bang every time I threw it down. I was sore, gasping for air and downing my water. Stretching it out below. I felt sometimes it was a little redundant with all of them..but more I thought of it, I normally did something sorta similar for my own workout plan anyway. It is VERY important to stress everything out prior and after working out. I walked out ot the gym sore everyday though I went. My calves and ass are still not fully consious from our morning routine.