Monday, July 1, 2013

Clutch 21: New Workout program

Its been two weeks since my photo shoot--so which means I have not been doing much cardio and eating more "carbs" probably then I should, and introduced some foods back into my diet. As some dudes would call this, this is my "bulking" stage to prep for a major cut later on. I wanted to work on cutting more, do a completely different workout since I been doing the one I been doing for quite sometime. Its become quite routine, tiresome. So of course I head over to and get myself into trouble, looking for new routines, exercises or new ways to force myself into some sort of muscle trauma.Then there it was Ashley Conrads new workout program. She often posts her intense kick- ass workouts. Just look at her, she is one mean looking chica!

Anyway, she is very cheeky and real, doesn't take any crap in her workouts. The clutch 21- combines Lifting with a full body weight lifting workout with a full circuit HIT cardio session. So- its 3 days of lifting combined with cardio/HIT and 2 days of just cardio with her HIT sessions. Everything is pretty organized to a tee in her program, stretching,diet, supplements, videos and workout guide for each day. Its perfect, and it was I was looking for to cut for this season.

Few things should know--I will not be using her supplements she recommended. I often eye roll when people recommend hundreds of dollars of supplements. I am not a sponsored athlete myself, or some huge bodybuilding person. I tend to try to get all my nutrition the old fashion way. By strictly getting most of what I need from whole feeds as much as possible. But--I do use a multivitamin and green tea supplement. I will be taking new measurements of my body, and probably weighing myself. Though this number means nothing since it changes practically every second of the day. Please--take measurements people only way to really know if something is working, the numbers don't lie!!