Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lamb and asparagus Dinna!

I try to have some sort of protein and a veggie every night, its not always a perfect meal but it works. Last night I had lamb and asparagus. Lamb was broiled for 15 minutes with olive oil and thyme w/ pepper on both sides. The asparagus was cooked in olive oil and garlic.

Not only was it very tasty it was very healthy. Last night was also leg day, so this was a nice meal to end my day and help my body heal from killing it with the heavy weight.

Monday, July 29, 2013

21 days to form a Habit

When you first start any exercise or new *diet* lifestyle change, its often difficult. Well of course it is, its new and its going against everything you normally would do prior.

Takes a while to form new habits, healthier choices. Takes approximately 21 days to form a habit for these things to become a habit. Its not something just just happens overnight.

So those models, etc in those magazines, take around a month before they are on the ball. And of course you call off the wagon a few times, for that cheesecakes, rocky road ice cream or delicious chocolate chip cookies, but don:t fret. Give yourself a few cheat meals to reset the brain.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clutch : End of week 2

I thoroughly have enjoyed these workouts, I have leaned out quite a bit already. My pants are pretty much hanging more then they normally are and I'm sore, tired as well out of breath entire time during this workout. Also, I must say much of this workout program you don't need to do 100% at the gym, or even with limited equipment. Its perfect for being on the road I feel anyway. Gets the job done quick and then your own your way covered in sweat. I felt again pretty much in beast mode rocking the different work outs, and exploring the new exercises. I will definitely keep some of these in mind when creating a new program later on. The best part is looking over at some dude next to me and showing them off. Yup--totally badass I must say, I lift more, do crazy routines and take it to the next limit. What can I say, I feel pretty super hero like during the whole process.

Down but not out

Over the last week or so sorta been a funky mood. Been glad at least I have my crazy work outs to fall back, barn time and friends. During stressful situations, I have tried to learn to control my eating habits in moderation without going overboard. Girl has to live ya know right? Through depressing times, pretty much the same. Stay busy, focus on my goal or even heightened the goal at hand.

Going to finish off Clutch next week and go back to muscle building, with 1-2 days full body, with at least 4 days of cardio to have a happy balance. Keeps me sane in the difficult times anyway. New goal by September to be ready for my next shoot, more ripped then I was prior, and better definition in my legs. I am going to push. I been sore some days, but I try to just tweak workouts in order to get through them, since really excuses can set you back and there is no reason not to continue on my path. With my head focused, my eating in check, my body will become the machine I need it to be. Eating a billion times a day, working out daily for a few hours, catching up with friends and of course hanging out at the barn with my horses.

So thats pretty much it, my plan is to beast through it, stop the bitching and just be real. Thats all you can be sometimes.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Product of my Generation

I wanted to discuss this for a little bit at least. I was born in the 80's, every 80's TV person and model had some sort of exercise tape out there and of course the crazy diets they were advertising. I would watch these stars on the TV, see what they were doing, and obviously want to copy them. Growing up, you learn eat less you will loose weight. That number on the scale becomes the plague and you may even started to skip meals. But really this is what people did in order to loose weight and become so called "healthy".

Over the last 2 decades I really feel a new evolution has changed the way of fitness. New role models proving that just being fit, but healthy in the process, proving that muscle can be sexy. Skinny is out now, fit-healthy is the new way to be. Which would you rather look at, really skinny, no tone or some definition, muscle? It takes time to reprogram your brain in order to think like this. Clean eating for lean muscle, unlike eating less and do more cardio--which was what all those tape would suggest to you. I catch myself once and a while going a little crazy about the scale, especially recently I have gained around 10 lbs in a few months. But I need to remind myself muscle weighs more then fat and with my training which I have upped my weight would go up as well.

I gave up being a cardio bunny, brought out the inner muscle diva in me and pretty much built a new foundation to live by. I am excited for this revolution and proud to be a role model for other young girls, especially my nieces. I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin, feel empowered and know they don't have to that twig on the TV, but they are able to be healthy in their own way by proper diet and exercise. Really none of this was rocket science, the basic bodybuilding a few times a day, lean protein, lots of water, some carbs and exercise to some degree daily.

Bring out the gun show, lift some iron and put on some sexy lean muscle in the end. Your body will be leaner in the long run, you will burn twice as many calories then if you just sat on the cardio machine for an hour..which would you prefer!?

Friday, July 19, 2013

I bloody hate the scale

You hear it everywhere, people comparing numbers they get from the scale. But really does it matter? NOPE. Throw that thing away since it bug the living crap out of you. One scale will show you weight 120 another 125 and the day after 130, its enough to make anyone go mad.

Take measurements, every few weeks to see your progress. You can be the same weight weeks or even months later. Fat has turned into muscle and obviously its denser then fat and fits better on a body frame. You could be 140 pounds and have 20% body fat, which would be 28 pounds of fat. Fantastic fit range for most women Or, you could be 130 pounds and 30% body fat, which is 39 pounds of fat. Which would you choose? Regardless, I rather stick with the less crazy approach, take your measurement THROW out my scale. Unfortunately all doctors still use scales on a way to gauge your health status. I have this argument with them all the time..I request a body fat analysis normally since my weight on the chart with my small 5'2 stature, shows that I am obese. Which clearly I am not, most people don't even think I weigh as much as I do.

Focus on what you want in life. Its easier then you think and with that focus taken away, DITCH the scale for once and for all!

Consider switching it up though to lower your fat levels, add in new workouts, perform at least 2-3 days of high intensity interval training or some sort (something fun works!), eat lean proteins,drink lots of water, get your sleep and be kind to yourself.

Clutch days 2-7

As I come to the end of the first portion of Clutch, I will say looking at the routine on paper I thought it be pretty easy--ITS NOT! Its harder then it looks. Lots of reps, short breaks in between, stretching, HITS cardio and doing it all over again until you drop doing core exercises. I felt like a beast doing the clean and presses in the middle of the gym as well as the overhead throw with the medicine ball. I pretty much got everyone attentions since there was a LARGE bang every time I threw it down. I was sore, gasping for air and downing my water. Stretching it out below. I felt sometimes it was a little redundant with all of them..but more I thought of it, I normally did something sorta similar for my own workout plan anyway. It is VERY important to stress everything out prior and after working out. I walked out ot the gym sore everyday though I went. My calves and ass are still not fully consious from our morning routine.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clutch: Day 1

I was skeptical, really how hard can this be? There is less lifting, and more body weighted exercises mixed with lots of HITS. Well, I was wrong. First day pretty much kicked my ass. The stretching before and after helped a lot, make sure you do not skip this portion. Some exercises such as Medicine ball throws,Medicine ball jumping jacks, and clean press I had to look up since I really haven't done those before. But as simple as they are, I was pretty winded just after a few exercises. I can't wait to see the results on day 21!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot as #$#$#@ OUT!

Okay, it mid summer in the Northeast, and its in the upper 80's/lower 90's with high humidity. But still you need to eat well of course, but really do you want to turn on the oven and make it EVEN HOTTER!? I know I don't. Normally I make 3-4 side dishes for the week in huge batches so I won't be eating just meat with meat, which is something I actually don't mind doing.

This week I did sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and red potatoes in the crock pot. I had purchased recently one that was able to cook up all of those 3 sides at once, which was pretty convenient for me anyway. Easy clean up, easy setup and best of all didn't make the house any hotter then it was. I also made turkey meatballs in my larger crock pot.

Turkey meatballs are pretty easy to make, I used:

5 lb container of ground turkey
4 egg whites
1 cup of bread crumbs-- Any kind will do, I normally make mine own
Quarter of a red onion
Italian seasonings - any favorite seasons will do though

Normally I bake them on a cookie dish for 20-25 minutes at 375-- but I put them in the croc pot for 4 hours on low.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whats in a Yolk?

You heard that right, what exactly am I tossing out when making egg whites in the mornin? You hear it from the bodybuilding sites, toss it, but really do you know what your tossing?

1 Egg yolk is only 55 calories and around 4 grams of fat with about 3g of protein. Not only is it not that bad for you the amount of nutrition and and vitamins in it is pretty amazing.

1 Yolk has the following in it:

Carotenoids and Essential Fatty Acids
Omega 3 Essential Fatty Accids DHS
Vitamin A, E, D and K
Vitamin B6 and B12
Folic Acid
Lecithin and Phospholipids
Copper, Manganese, Selenium
Healthy Cholesterol

The next time you decide to throw out another Yolk--think about it, leave 1-2 to in while your stirring up those delicious egg whites. Nature really does cover your needed daily needs without having to add processed ones.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stress is a bitch

We all have it, just some more then others. Whether its school, work, work out, health, kids, pets,etc, ITS there. Just knowing how to keep the little monster at bay can be a major life saver. For me anyway stress can mean a few things, overly eating when I'm not hungry and kicking back extra cocktail here and there. Obviously these two things are fine to a degree, but knowing when to stop to keep these items in check so you don't derail your fitness goals. Having an outlet to help with the stress, whether working out, running, hanging with friends, whatever really works for you great. For me anyway, kickin' it at the GYM before work and riding my horse truly calms me down and makes me whole.

So- Find your zen in whichever way possible. This can make a lot of difference getting frustrations and stress out in a healthy fashion rather then blowing up and going ape- shit on some co-worker. We all have done it ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Staying consistent while travelling.

Whether its for personal or business related, it happens traveling can cause a damper into your fitness goals. But preparing before your trip can make the world of difference. For 1- I always try to find a hotel near a gym, and if I can't go with a hotel gym that is at least decent. I have a few different routines that I can pull up, especially if I can't get to weights and I always have some sort of backpack on me, so I have created a small workout with that and use what I have. Secondly and most important, staying at a hotel with a kitchen of some sort so I can prep foods and still fill my Tupperware containers on the go for the day. This last trip unfortunately couldn't get a place with a kitchen, but it had a fridge. When this is the case you still don't fret, you can still eat pretty healthy. There are grocery stores everywhere, including Walmart's, so its not like you can't find food to fill your fridge. This is what I normally buy while on the go and stuck in a hotel that doesn't have a kitchen:

Rotisserie Chickens - they are already cooked and ready to go. I break them apart normally enough for a few meals for me
Baby carrots -- make the perfect side for the chicken, quick, simple and you don't have to cook them.
Cauliflower and broccoli -- another great side for the chicken, which you don't have to cook.
Low fat cheese sticks -- makes a great snack as well as side.
Greek yogurt -- great snack that fills you up.
Almonds -- snack or side.
Trail mix -- great snack.
Salad -- grab some pre mixed salad of whatever greens you like, your favorite non-fat dressing and have a ball. (also can put some chicken on it so you can get your protein in.)

Though it can be tough to eat healthy while traveling there are ways to overcome that. Especially while I am traveling for work, the group normally wants to hit the bar, get some fried food and there the pressure starts. Obviously treat here and there is great. I love my sweet potato fries, and maybe a drink, but eating clean throughout the day helps my energy stay where it needs to and body stay sane.

Eat clean, work out hard and live it up. No matter where you are

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prepping for Success

I'm constantly busy, I work a very demanding job. I take care of my horses, I work out and I try to have "some" sort of social life afterwards. In order to fully make sure I succeed at my fitness goals is to prep. Takes a bit to get used to this, but a few hours on a Sunday normally does it and it saves me lots of time during the week. Its not always easy, carrying around a cooler, or cooler bag- but it makes for eating "clean meals" on the go easier. For work trips I normally bag up bags of chicken, so I can nibble on them throughout the day. It makes it convenient, and an easy way to get the protein my body needs. At the end of the day whatever is simple, ready, made from beginning of week, will stick and you will have more or a reason to stay on course with your goals.

Not only is it easier to setup these meals, but it will save you money carrying your food around since you will be less tempted to buy take out or other processed foods.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mistakes we women folk do in order to get "fit"

10 mistakes made by women who want to get "fit":

1. Live off yogurt and apples--LADIES eat for christ sake!! Eat every 2 hours, protein protein protein!!

2. Lift high reps, low weights--Up the dam weight

3. Do more cardio than weights--drop the cardio for 1 month and build build that sexy muscle...

4. Overestimate their muscle size--You be surprised what kind of muscle you have once you get started..take Measurements!! So you can see your progress.

5. Underestimate how much fat to get rid off before you see the muscles

6. Diet to get shredded too soon without having any muscle to reveal--Bulk up so you have something to SHRED!!

7. Have no patience and get bored after a few weeks--It takes time to grow muscle, nothing happens over night.

8. Worrying about becoming too bulky from training hard--Your not a dude you will not get DUDE like Muscles!

9. occupying themselves with looking cute so they cannot even break a sweat in case a hunk shows up.

10. Scared to scare away the "men" by getting buff.Real men think muscle is sexy. Muscle also looks sexier then fat and sits better on the body..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Clutch 21: New Workout program

Its been two weeks since my photo shoot--so which means I have not been doing much cardio and eating more "carbs" probably then I should, and introduced some foods back into my diet. As some dudes would call this, this is my "bulking" stage to prep for a major cut later on. I wanted to work on cutting more, do a completely different workout since I been doing the one I been doing for quite sometime. Its become quite routine, tiresome. So of course I head over to and get myself into trouble, looking for new routines, exercises or new ways to force myself into some sort of muscle trauma.Then there it was Ashley Conrads new workout program. She often posts her intense kick- ass workouts. Just look at her, she is one mean looking chica!

Anyway, she is very cheeky and real, doesn't take any crap in her workouts. The clutch 21- combines Lifting with a full body weight lifting workout with a full circuit HIT cardio session. So- its 3 days of lifting combined with cardio/HIT and 2 days of just cardio with her HIT sessions. Everything is pretty organized to a tee in her program, stretching,diet, supplements, videos and workout guide for each day. Its perfect, and it was I was looking for to cut for this season.

Few things should know--I will not be using her supplements she recommended. I often eye roll when people recommend hundreds of dollars of supplements. I am not a sponsored athlete myself, or some huge bodybuilding person. I tend to try to get all my nutrition the old fashion way. By strictly getting most of what I need from whole feeds as much as possible. But--I do use a multivitamin and green tea supplement. I will be taking new measurements of my body, and probably weighing myself. Though this number means nothing since it changes practically every second of the day. Please--take measurements people only way to really know if something is working, the numbers don't lie!!

Items to keep in mind

No matter what you want to do,loose weight, gain muscle, whatever the case there are points that everyone has to come to terms with. For one, stop obsessing about other peoples bodies you want. You know how those people got there? Work. I am guilty of this myself, but every body is different obviously, so that lovely model your staring is most likely not sharing the same body type anyway. Get real with your goals, get your body at your perfect self, not what you see in a magazine. Because trust me, I have done shoots, and what you see that day, is not how my stomach looks 100% of the year. You prep for weeks, you avoid certain foods, fantastic lighting, all of that. its fine to admire, but don't over do it.

Understand your weaknesses and strengths. If you can't lift X weight at first, start lower. You will progressively get better. Work on your own improvement, building a foundation takes time. We all get upset we don't see results right away, but know that you are working on each brick which will be a huge key to the puzzle later on.
As you start to tone up, build more muscle, and shed, you feel better about yourself. Obviously this will happen, your fitting into clothes better, and all that jazz.

Don't doubt yourself, have the confidence in yourself you can do it. At the end of the day, who cares what other people think? Walk around like your kings shit and get your work out and anything else you need to get done.

Obviously you want to make fitness a HUGE priority in your life, but really don't make it your only priority. There are other things in life which should come first. Just know fitness is just a "piece" of your life.

Get some rest. You know you heard this, you need SLEEP, lots of beauty sleep get this sexy right? Yup, that is right. In order to fully recover from lifting, or whatever fitness activity you need to sleep. Make the effort, it does make a huge difference

One of the biggest items I would say, celebrate all small successes. Doesn't matter how small they are, you loose half an inch off of whatever, or gained an inch in muscle wherever, feel good about it, why not? You earned it.

Being consistent. If your not on the game full time, you will not make your goal. First few weeks of starting anything is tough, takes 3 weeks to fully make something routine in the human brain, so give it a month. At that rate, you will notice the results and keep going. Many people don't get that far though, since they aren't patient.

Forgive yourself. Why? Just because you eat that piece of cheese cake or miss 1 gym day makes you a bad person thats why. We all make mistakes, just don't wallow in them. Notice what you did, and move on.

Lastly the biggest fitness key to success is your friends. Try to hang out with friends that are into what your doing, so you stay successful. Many times during this process I have found I had friends ask to join in my quest and show them, which is pretty awesome. I am greatful myself for a good friend assisting with my journey and I am always happy to show any friends how I got the way I did, since really there is no secret. At the end of the day you do need support and friends as much as a pain they can be, some smack talk at the gym or even at lunch can do you good.

So get your smack talk, sexy self to the gym and walk out of there feeling like a limping super hero. You owe it to yourself!

Monkey see, monkey do

We all get into issues with outside influences. You see your friends or whatever eating the amazingly delicious pizza. Looks great right? Of course your friend doesn't have the same goals as you and of course you want to eat the entire box..but you don't. I know myself I try to still live life and have a happy balance have that 1-2 slices and eat "clean"- non-processed foods rest of the day. Its not always easy though, depending on whom your always around.

I work in a primarily Male dominated field and you could say they will pretty much eat anything, at any given time. I hear it from time to time from them about my eating habits, as I carry into work my 4-6 Tupperware containers, yogurts and other protein snacks. I am never one to criticize though, unless they are attacking me of course, most people don't understand this lifestyle and not for everyone which I totally get. So, if this is something you truly want to do, own it, be proud. Carry those coolers to sports games, after work events, whatever--with your daily food. After a while your friends will notice, "WOW, they look great..maybe they aren't as crazy as I thought."

Go ahead and eat your favorite cookies or whatever, but don't go nuts and don't be crutched into peer pressure since it is sure is a bitch. Consistency year round can help everything, especially during those months such as holidays were you do tend to eat more.