Monday, June 17, 2013

Wait, I need to eat more in order to stay in shape?!

Yup, that is correct. Obviously you can't be eating processed foods 100% of the time, but the proper protein, mixed with some healthy veggie recipes can do a world of wonders.

These are my side dishes and some of my weekly meals I make every Sunday:

I know what your thinking, wow that is a lot of food! But guess what, that's just a few sides, and a few meals really. I take around 3-4 Tupperware containers to work daily, some of those cheaper kinds you get at Walmart. From the left top, potatoes ( olive oil and Italian seasonings), left right hand side asparagus (Italian seasonings, olive oil and minced garlic), Left bottom-- chopped up 2 skinless chicken breasts and mixed in peppers and Montreal steak seasoning w/ olive oil, and lastly right hand side, sweet potatoes (olive oil, and paprika).

Throughout the course of my day I might mix other things to fill in my diet, such as cottage cheese mixed with yogurt, veggies mixed with cheese, fruit mixed with a wheat cracker, or even just some simple protein. Either way doesn't matter which I choose, normally I am eating every 2-3 hours.

Seasonings used for the recipes above

So, when someone tells me, "Wow, I can't believe you EAT ALL THAT and look way you do.." I simple tell them, its not like I eat processed foods all day, I provide my body with what it needs throughout the day, to get me through what I need it to get me through..such as my heavy workouts, my long work day, my days at the barn with the horses and anything else life throws at me. Think of your body as a machine, you need to fuel a car up properly in order to run right?

Eat a lot of protein and be merry, your booty will thank you.