Thursday, June 13, 2013

So..How do I get started in this weightlifting stuff?

Well, its pretty easy actually. If you can follow along, read instructions and look at the tutorials on Body walks you through the entire thing. There are programs for pretty much everyones goals.

My favorite part of this website is the way they describe and show an actual video how to actually do the exercise. Its a great tool on their website, lists what kinds of exercises you can perform to hit specific body parts. Even includes a rather simple search tool.
Exercises For those ladies that feel you will turn into this:
No worries there, this will not happen to you. I REPEAT WILL NOT, unless your taking heavy steroids. I seriously thought to myself something like this would happen to me as well, but it is not the case since our bodies are COMPLETELY different then our males counterparts.

The program I started on was Jamie Eason's Live Fit LiveFit. Its a great program, 3 phases. Has a full list of the exercises, meal plan and pointers for each phase. Phase 1 starts off very basic, and you build on from there. Phase 1 was my favorite step actually there is 0.0% cardio involved in it!! Phase 2 adds more reps, more exercises, cardio and Phase 3 adds an extra day and looks further into your diet.
By the end of the program I truly fell in love with lifting, and have rethought a lot of my past fitness goals. Seriously I was wasting all my time doing all that cardio, for what? I was getting no where. I built my core, leaned out and stronger then ever. Give it a try, what do you have to loose and gain (muscle!)

P.S. Don't mind the scale, make sure your doing measurements every few weeks to see how much your progressing. Muscle weighs more then fat and obviously its sexier.