Friday, June 21, 2013

So, you want abs? Guess got them already

Thats pretty correct, everyone is born with abs, whether you can see them or not that is a whole another topic. There are layers of fat normally on top of them making it so you don't fully see them.

I am sure all of you have heard you are what you eat? Its true, 80% of what you eat is the basic formula of how you look.

So-- those 1000's of situps do nothing if your not eating well. Like anything else, combination with a well balanced, clean eating diet and exercise can make a world of difference. It was not until I fully committed myself to a clean diet, wasn't until I really saw my abs. Like most people I was getting pretty upset couldn't see them, but after I fully committed my diet, they showed themselves in weeks. At first you maybe feel the tops of your abs, or new lines, whatever the case, changes are being made, but you have to realize it took time for that layer of fat to get there, so it will take time to be removed.

Preparation is your best source to fully accomplish the ab goals. For me prepping my meals for the week on Sunday, and getting my containers out for the week, makes it possible for me not to fall off the wagon. And yes I do allow myself some cheat meals and there are some weeks I do binge after a shoot, but I got back to my regular scheduled diet with 2-3 cheat meals, which allows myself to stay sane. What can I say, I'm like anyone else. I like my candy, cookies and pies. The goal is not to fully engorge but still lead a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone has the tools for success, just depends on what is truly important. Whatever your goals, eating healthy and eating clean, helps you in the long run. Best result, who doesn't like looking good naked?